Changing the Landscape of Long-Term Care Ecosystem

Writi is the modern long-term care connectivity bridge, built to power the $150B+ industry, creating a more efficient system to lower systemic costs and above all, improve patient outcomes.

Why Writi?

Enhance Prescribing

Collectively Enabling Safer and More Affordable Prescriptions

Informed Care Decisions

Arming Healthcare Professionals with Actionable Patient Intelligence

Modern HealthCare

Convening, Informing and Advocating for the Long-Term Care Industry

Writi Helps Customers Reach Their Highest Potential

We don’t exist to merely move patient data around—we’re here to serve and share the wealth of information that makes healthcare better for all.

Increasing Patient Safety

11.8 million CancelRx transactions processed in 2018 to prevent discontinued medications from being dispensed

Lowering Costs

$140 – $240 billion in potential savings over 10 years due to gains in administrative performance and clinical outcomes from e-prescribingi

Ensuring Quality Care

20% improvement in medication adherence when actionable intelligence is delivered within an EHRii

We Share Because We Care

Our digital first and ‘joined up’ approach to information sharing will transform healthcare for seniors. After all, we are all part of the same healthcare journey!

We are Creative
We are patient centred
We are open & engaged
We are collaborative
We are professional

Changing the Landscape of Long-Term Care Ecosystem