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Writi is a team of health care professionals, engineers, and developers with a passion for design and quality improvement. We work interprofessionally with management, front-line staff, and industry-leading experts to tackle the challenges facing our health care system.


Healthcare technology is fragmented, information exists in pockets, and users struggle with healthcare silos rather than an integrated healthcare system. Without true connectivity between health care providers, users face incomplete data and patient information.

Our mission is to transform healthcare with the power of machine intelligence and people-centered design to enable you to focus on patient care NOT paperwork.

By leveraging a single point of connectivity to the healthcare community, providers can harness the full potential of care delivery, both now and into the future.


Writi is committed to creating cutting-edge health-tech by connecting Pharmacies, Healthcare Providers, and Care Homes & Institutions through machine learning, IOT, and people-centered design.

Our products are aimed to improve existing as well as build new relationships between physicians, caregivers, pharmacies, and patients by creating a digital space of collaboration between care institutions. Writi allows health care professionals to capture and share information on the go.

We aim to improve quality, safety, and patient experience by moving to a world-class digital environment, ensuring the right information at the right time to the right provider. Professionals involved in the care of an individual will be able to access everything they need to optimize their caregiving experience.


We have an established cooperative culture that unites clinical, nursing, medical, operational and technical expertise. This ethos of ‘digital health’ allows us to focus on improving the health and wellbeing of the seniors we serve and their caregivers.

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