About Writi

Writi is committed to create cutting edge technology products by connecting Long Term Care Pharmacy, Care Homes and Hospitals through successful implementation of Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, IOT (Digital Pen and Pad) and Blockchain

Our product is aimed to improve existing as well as build new relationships between physicians, patients and pharmacies by creating a digital space of collaboration between care homes, pharmacies and hospitals. Writi allows health care professionals to capture and share information on the go.

Quality, safety and patient experience will be improved through moving to a world-class digital environment by ensuring the right information to the right staff at the right time. Staff involved in the care of an individual will be able to see everything they need to make their unique and tailored contribution to the care-giving experience. ‘We Share Because We Care’

Rebuilding the health care technology stack

Our mission is to accelerate the transformation of healthcare with the power of machine intelligence by putting patient’s wellbeing at the heart of all we do which will enable healthcare providers to focus on more important things: care delivery and productivity.

Your success is our goal

We have an established partnership culture that unites clinical, nursing, physicians, managerial and technical expertise. This ethos of ‘digital health’ allows us all to focus on improving the health and wellbeing of the seniors we serve. We are co-designing digital excellence with pharmacies and care team and then deliver it with them.

Changing the Landscape of Long-Term Care Ecosystem