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I am so thankful we were able to get set up with WRITI before the pandemic. It has changed my work day! I save a lot of time being able to write orders from anywhere in the building instead of having to go all over to grab charts and not having to fax orders has been great. Now that we can write orders from home, we can reduce transcribing errors and reduce workload on the nursing staff. With many physicians working remotely right now, this so valuable, now more than ever. WRITI is a very intuitive program, while training is certainly helpful, a lot of us were able to just pick it up and figure it out. I can’t imagine having to write paper orders at this time. It’s making a huge difference for all of us, particularly during the pandemic.


We have recently implemented the Writi system at Holland Christian Homes and we are thrilled with the immediate positive impact it has had on our workflow and compliance. The transition from a paper process to the Writi electronic process was seamless and it is saving us time along with reducing our carbon footprint.

We could not have implemented Writi at a better time. With the pressures of COVID-19 we are looking for more efficient and consistent ways to complete our day to day tasks and Writi is helping! We are also excited to hear about Writi’s Virtual Healthcare app which will assist with receiving remote support from our Physicians.

The system has helped improve communication and order compliance and we would certainly recommend Writi to all LongTerm Care Homes in Canada!

If you need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Steeves and Rozema Long Term Care Homes has successfully implemented Writi, an interprofessional order management system within our homes in collaboration with the Writi team, who provided education, on-site and ongoing support.

The implementation of this industry-leading system has been well received secondary to its customized desgin specific to the unique needs of Ontario senior-care. We had received positive feedback from other Long Term Care providers and can confirm that since the roll out, there has been significant improvement in our management of resident orders. The speed and efficiency of order communication has increased, we have been able to reduce paperwork and administrative burdens on our front-line staff, giving our team more time to focus on resident-care. Order-processing compliance has significantly improved due to the system's enhanced transparency to all users, while taking significantly less time to complete compared to paper-based systems.

We have worked with the Writi team in tracking pre-implementation order processing metrics and our data is showing a 63% reduction in order processing time.

The Writi system is unlike other technology I have come across in health care. It is easy to use, and it has significantly improved the workflow while saving time. The Writi team is very responsive and quick to implement any suggested enhancements. I would recommend using Writi without hesitation!

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