How It Works

An AI powered smart medical assistant

Small, yet powerful. Save at least 2-3 hour everyday by automating every transaction with your pharmacy provider via digitization streamlining communication via IOT Device, Block Chain and Artificial Intelligence.

Capture the visit

Capture the visit

Capture data of each doctor-patient encounter (Prescription, med reviews etc.) as you write or speak.

Digitalize data

Digitalize data

Writi automatically digitalize the written data using its algorithm.

Send data automatically

Send data automatically

Automatically uploads and send the data to respective providers. (Insurance, pharmacy)

Powered by revolutionary AI.

Writi uses the latest in deep learning and NLP to identify voices, content, and intents so every interaction is a remarkable experience. Our integration is powered by secure AI making it quick to get started without needing long IT roadmaps.

High fidelity data. (Coming Soon)

Writi captures duration, stress, location, and more - going beyond charts to provide insight into every aspect of care. We make accessing your data easy, and it's already being used to improve clinical workflows, physician wellness, and patient education.

Compliance and security at the core

Security & HIPAA compliance are essential to everything we do, and we are proud to exceed the industry standard in protecting your organization. Should you have any particular concerns, we are happy to discuss our policies with you.

Changing the Landscape of Long-Term Care Ecosystem