Writi works with a variety of best-in-class partners to deliver exceptional experiences to residents and healthcare professionals across North America.

Developed by physicians for physicians, TELUS Health improves collaboration, enhances patient outcomes and provides access to critical patient data anywhere, anytime. Their EMRs support physicians with what they need to deliver the optimal health outcome at the point of care. Writi is compatible with Kroll Pharmacy Management System.

MED e-care is a global e-health software-solution provider that provides a full platform with an integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) system for complete management of the Resident Care Lifecycle in Retirement Communities, Long Term Care Homes, Community and the Hospital sectors.

Leading cloud-based software that enables a coordinated, collaborative approach to senior care and adheres to regulatory and compliance guidelines.

Writi has partnered with StL Diagnostic Imaging to provide healthcare professionals with the ability to access request e-DI electronically, remotely and securely online.

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