Long-term care remains one of the most highly regulated healthcare sectors and medication management takes up precious time for medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and other allied health professionals. Writi streamlines workflows, promotes compliance, and enables your team to focus on patient care.

Flexible Flow

Work from tablet or desktop. Integrate data silos without compromising care. Bring your practice to full speed.

Writi is supported via mobile tablet and web-based use to allow prescribers, nurses, pharmacists, and support staff to work virtually anywhere.


review admission med-recs or physician medication reviews from the clinic or home office, while having complete accessibility with your care team.


complete order processing from your eMAR tablet or workstation, share your re-admission documents with a physician without relying on faxes or telephone consults


audit order processing and compliance without needing to manually sift through charts

Electronic Prescribing

Lowest latency for order communication: from admission med-rec, to acute orders, quarterly med-reviews, and re-admission.
Manage all orders, renewals, and authorizations from one location. Say goodbye to fax lines or e-pen docking. Say goodbye to LU and controlled substance authorization. Say hello to the 21st century.
Writi supports prescribing from tablet, laptop, or desktop; from site to home office. Users can write with stylus or finger, or type orders out to take advantage of our library functionalities.


Eliminate manual chart audits. See all your facility’s orders and audit trails from one place.
A boon to not just management but all users: now see all your home’s orders in one place and their progress. Processed orders are time-stamped by each user with utmost visibility. Our experts have ensured the user experience also satisfies and keeps up with regulatory requirements.
Identify quality improvement measures, education gaps, and ensure trust in your medication management system.

Secure Data

PHIPA and PIPEDA compliant. Two-factor authentication. Modern encryption. Secure back up.
Writi is designed to integrate with existing EHRs and pharmacy information systems, with development support to facilitate HL7 standards, offline back-up, and safe transmission of sensitive data. Two-factor authentication supports prescribers to manage orders remotely, improving accessibility while ensuring security.

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