Why Writi

Healthcare technology and connectivity is fragmented in Ontario’s senior care system, with many challenges on the horizon with regulations, an aging population, and increasingly complex practices to keep up with.

Regulatory Demands

"Long-term care homes are the most highly regulated area of healthcare in Ontario. Despite limited resources, the staff in these homes must meet the regulatory dictates and provide care for residents with ever-increasing acuity.”
- Commissioner Gilles, 2019 LTC Public Inquiry

  • Cut administrative order processing burdens
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual documentations and re-transcriptions
  • Strengthen patient safety
  • Improve transparency and regulatory compliance
  • Free up your time for patient care

Changing Demographics

In 2012, almost one in seven Canadians was a senior; by 2030, that number will jump to nearly one in four. In Ontario, there are four times as many LTC beds than hospital beds, and four times as many LTC homes to hospital corporations in Ontario.

To combat the continued strain on LTC funding and available resources, the healthcare system needs to consider electronic health systems to keep up with the changing landscape of senior care.

A Better Shift

Cut out faxes and e-pen docking: orders are shared immediately with the lowest latency system

Work anywhere, available for mobile and web-based use

Clearly see your specific task list

Interprofessional Design

  • Manage acute orders, medication reviews, charting, medication reconciliations, and more
  • Designed for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, and allied-health professionals
  • Partnered with vendors to support a true circle of care

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