COVID-19 has caused a public healthcare crisis that has senior care providers working tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is part of a group of viruses that can cause common flu and respiratory infections. As this pandemic continues to impact the world and Canada, it’s critical to ensure that senior care healthcare professionals are empowered to prevent further spread and protect their residents and patients.

Writi’s Pandemic Response

Writi Virtual Healthcare, our PHIPA & HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution, will be available on April 10th 2020. for senior care providers.

Virtual visits can help your team of healthcare professionals safely manage your residents’ health while containing the spread of COVID-19. Our platform integrates with pharmacy software (Telus Health – Kroll) and supports Ontario Ministry of Health’s new billing codes for virtual visits.

Increasing the efficiency of administrative tasks, allows more time to do what you do best: taking care of residents.

Writi Telehealth Features

  • Electronic prescribing with automatic transmission to pharmacy
  • Safe and convenient scheduling of virtual visits and appointments
  • Virtual visits via high definition video call on mobile devices and computer
  • Secure instant messaging for enhanced communication with staff and patients
  • Orders are automatically added to the resident’s digital record in Writi
  • Remote access to medication history through our integration with pharmacy software (Telus Health – Kroll)
  • Billing reports for prescribers

Writi Telehealth Benefits

  • Improve remote access to specialized care
  • Reduce transfers to hospital
  • Assess symptoms, severity and treatment options
  • Monitor progress and check in on patients in isolation
  • Communicate with care staff and patients

OHIP Billing Integration

Integration with temporary OHIP billing codes (available effective March 14, 2020):

  • K080: Minor assessment of a patient by telephone or video, advice or information by telephone, video to a patient's representative regarding health maintenance.
  • K081: Intermediate assessment of a patient by telephone or video, advice or information by telephone, or video to a patient's representative regarding health maintenance.
  • K082: Psychotherapy, psychiatric or primary mental health care, counselling or interview conducted by telephone or video per unit.
  • K083: Specialist consultation or visit by telephone or video.

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